Behavior-Driven Execution

A Modern, Grassroots Approach to Get Things Done Through an Aligned & Motivated Workforce

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Ally Assist is a realtime execution engine that connects the right people to give and get clear performance expectations, behavioral feedback, and barrier removal to execute with excellence.


Clear Line-of-Sight

Vital Behaviors

Using a grassroots, crowdsourcing process we gather and align input from 100% of users in an Ally Network to pinpoint Vital Behaviors that will produce targeted results. This approach cuts through the clutter and helps everyone focus on what is most important.

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Individualized Feedback

Our intelligent sampling process converts Vital Behaviors into short Pulse Check surveys and targeted Spot Checks to make sure everyone gets the right mix of positive and constructive feedback from multiple sources. This approach is proven to change behavior within 2 weeks. 


Behavior Momentum Dashboards

As individuals master their Vital Behaviors, targeted business results improve. Our easy-to-use dashboards provide continuous line-of-sight between Vital Behaviors and targeted results and help users quickly prioritize which behaviors to focus on improving. 



Ally Assists

Ally Assist provides a focused communication thread to get clarity, feedback, and barrier removal through a strategic Ally Network custom configured to each organization.


Performance Coaching Tools for Leaders

We help leaders at all levels provide high quality performance coaching to their team members. Clear Performance Coaching Vital Behaviors and helpful and actionable feedback energizes all leaders to be top performers. 

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The Perfect Shift

Ally Assist provides a team huddle process to help leaders facilitate behavior excellence in their team. When all shift leaders run shift huddles consistently, results are reliably achieved. 


Our app reliably improves any targeted performance by 25-50%


Performance Ally Team

Behavior Science. Technology. Global Expertise. Product Development. Entrepreneurship. 

Our co-founders are the only people in the world with the combined expertise and experience to develop a transformational enterprise SaaS application that uses behavior science to optimize human performance realtime

to reliably deliver targeted results. 


Tom Donaldson, M.A.

Chief Product Officer

Behavior domain expert and lead developer of AOL's search engine

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Laura Methot, Ph.D.

Technical Advisor

Behavior-to-results metrics expert

  • LinkedIn

Shawn Gilroy, Ph.D.

Technical Advisor

Statistical expert in behavioral sciences

  • LinkedIn

Julie M. Smith, Ph.D.

Chief Executive Officer

Serial entrepreneur and expert in behavior-based business execution

  • LinkedIn

Joe Cellucci, M.S.

Chief Technology Officer

Serial entrepreneur in technology

  • LinkedIn

Lori Ludwig, Ph.D.

Chief Human Performance Engineer

Award-winning behavioral systems expert

  • LinkedIn

Alan LeDuc, M.B.A.

Technical Advisor

Six Sigma co-founder and global expert

  • LinkedIn

Bruce Sparks

Industry Advisor

Strategic partnership expert


Terry McSween, Ph.D.

Technical Advisor

Global behavior-based safety expert

  • LinkedIn

Jay Greenspan, M.D.

Industry Advisor

Past CEO, Nemours Delaware Valley

  • LinkedIn

Larry Lemasters, M.B.A.

Industry Advisor

Strategy and alliance expert

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“Our employees are measurably more engaged in their jobs. And our financial numbers have soared.”

Chief Executive Officer 

Leading North American Real Estate Company

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What kinds of companies use Ally Assist?

Ally Assist can be tailored to work for any organization. The scope of users can range from small work teams to an entire enterprise. Ally Assist facilitates a grassroots positive workplace movement where everyone helps each other succeed.

How do I know Ally Assist will help my organization improve?

Ally Assist is underpinned by behavior science and commercially proven IP. It is designed to align, nudge, and reinforce behavioral consistency to reliably achieve results. Organizations who apply these methodologies improve targeted performance 25-50% and increase employee engagement and retention by >10%.

What technology is needed?

Ally Assist can be implemented as a standalone app or integrated with an organization's existing technology. Users access Ally Assist on any device they choose.

Will Ally Assist require a lot of time?

Ally Assist is configured to co-exist with an organization's workflow so there is minimal to no interruption. It is an ongoing and dynamic system that engages all allies continuously for a very brief amount of time each day.

What if we already use similar management or survey tools?

Ally Assist plugs into existing systems to give every employee realtime daily actionable information. It provides an extra boost, turbocharging your management systems.

When will Ally Assist be available?

Ally Assist will be released in Q2 2022 to select beta partners.




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