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Our flagship software, Ally Assist, is a realtime app that connects leaders, care teams, and patients to clarify expectations, provide instant feedback, and remove barriers at lightning speed surrounding a care visit.


Our Human Performance Engineers consult with organizations and channel partners to configure Ally Assist for their unique use cases, when needed.


Clear Line-of-Sight
Vital Behaviors

Vital Behaviors are the critical few behaviors that will dramatically improve results when a group of people do them consistently and collectively. Our process for clarifying Vital Behaviors is based on evidence-based best practices and your organization's dynamic needs. This approach cuts through the clutter and helps everyone focus on what is most important.

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Individualized Feedback

Our intelligent sampling process converts Vital Behaviors into short pulse checks and targeted spot checks to make sure everyone gets the right mix of positive and constructive feedback from multiple sources. This approach is proven to change behavior within 2 weeks. 


Behavior Momentum Dashboards

As individuals master their Vital Behaviors, targeted business results improve. Our easy-to-use dashboards provide continuous line-of-sight between Vital Behaviors and targeted results and help users quickly prioritize which behaviors to focus on improving. 


Ally Assists

Ally Assist provides a focused communication thread to get clarity, feedback, and barrier removal through a strategic Ally Network custom configured to each organization.


Performance Coaching Tools for Leaders

We help leaders at all levels provide high quality performance coaching to their team members. Clear Performance Coaching Vital Behaviors and helpful and actionable feedback energizes all leaders to be top performers. 

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The Perfect Shift

Ally Assist provides a team huddle process to help leaders facilitate behavior excellence in their team. When all shift leaders run shift huddles consistently, results are reliably achieved. 

Our app reliably improves any targeted performance by 25-50%

“We firmly believe that this system will revolutionize healthcare delivery."

Chief Executive Officer 

Children's Health System

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