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Our method to getting extraordinary results works in any type of organization

Learn more in our new book: Vital Behaviors



interactive templates that guide you and your team through each step to build your own Vital Behavior Network


Vital Behaviors: 5 Steps to Supercharge Results in Any Organization is a practical masterpiece that can truly change the game—a groundbreaking how-to manual for achieving extraordinary results by aligning and motivating Vital Behaviors on a large scale.


Vital Behaviors are the critical few actions that drive organizations towards remarkable success when people do them consistently and collectively. While popular books focus on changing individual habits, this book uncovers the profound impact that occurs when many individuals adopt a select few Vital Behaviors. Supported by the authors' extensive experience in hundreds of organizations of all types, this book is enriched with captivating real-world success stories. You'll be inspired by the tales of organizations that overcame execution challenges by harnessing the power of Vital Behaviors.


Within these pages, you'll encounter a groundbreaking 5-Step method for establishing your very own Vital Behavior Network. Think of it as the social network for achieving common goals within your organization. It's the key ingredient for fostering energized collaboration that will elevate your results to unprecedented heights.


The practical wisdom shared in this book is accessible to all—from the executive suite to the grassroots. Prepare to unlock an entirely new level of success through the wisdom of Vital Behaviors.

How to determine if this book is for you:

  • Can you rely on people to achieve project goals and business plans?

  • Does everyone consistently deliver a great customer experience?

  • Is every person following quality and safety protocols at every opportunity?

  • Can you count on people in your organization to implement and sustain new strategic initiatives or process improvements?

  • Can your people encourage behavior change in the populations you serve, so together you can achieve mutual goals?


If you answered "no" to any of these questions, we wrote this book for you!

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